Installation view, vessels on show at Vessels: New Berlin Crafts, at Wishbone Studio, 2021.
Photo: Anne Freitag

Vessels: New Berlin Crafts is is an artist-led exhibition, showing the work of 19 contemporary artists and designers living in Berlin working with crafts around the theme of the vessel.

We showcase a diverse range of in-depth local craftsmanship including ceramics, 3D printing, mould making and resin casting to form vessels.

The exhibition caters to the need for a platform showcasing work in Berlin at the conjunction of arts, crafts and design, highlighting emerging makers that are at the crossroads of these disciplines.

Vessels: New Berlin Crafts is an initiative from artists Maia Beyrouti and Tegan Emerson, co-organised with Lisa Kosak, Marilyne Blais, and event designer Maggie Stenman as a collaboration to present objects and makers in Berlin that inspire them.