The show presents 19 contemporary artists and designers living in Berlin who are working with crafts around the theme of the vessel.

Craig Barrow

Craig Barrow is a designer working in the areas
of object and sculpture.
Seeing design as a response to the world’s
curiosities and shared relationships his work is
guided by material exploration, research of
production processes, observations of human
interaction with objects and scientific and
natural phenomena. These processes,
observations and findings are manipulated,
imitated or reproduced to guide the final forms
of his pieces. Craig takes a hands-on approach
within his practice; material understanding
and experimentation are a key factor, in
combination with scientific and cultural
Born in Nottingham, UK, he studied 3D Design
at the University of Brighton. He now lives and works in Berlin.

James Beatham

James Beatham studied fine art at Central Saint Martins in London. His practice centres around storytelling and worlding. He uses hand crafting to make work that occupies a space between media, magick and conspiracy theory.



Jeremy Bellina

Jeremy Bellina is a potter who aims at creating contemporary, playful & practical ceramics. His approach to the craft is fairly intuitive, as he enjoys experimenting with shapes and glazes and crossing his fingers that along the way something unique and functional will emerge.⁠

In his recent work he assembles bold geometric shapes looking to create clean distinctive silhouettes. Various layers of glazes are later applied to the creation in order to create glossy & drippy patterns or rough rocky surfaces.⁠

Born in France and established in Berlin he made his first encounter with the craft a few years back.⁠

Marilyne Blais

Originally from Northern Canada, Marilyne Blais relocated to Berlin four years ago. Since moving, she dove headfirst into a newly found passion for all things ceramics, and co-founded Studio Argile with fellow potter Lisa Kosak (Helka). 

Marilyne’s functional ceramics’ graphic quality, vivid colors and smooth gradients take influences from post-modern design and the early age of the internet. She also enjoys a good pun and often chooses chucklesome names for her designs.

Tegan Emerson

Tegan Emerson has a background in archives, studying MA Museum/Curatorial Studies and a BA in Fine Arts (Photomedia) at the University of Sydney.

Since the beginning of 2019, Tegan began experimenting with handbuilding ceramics, exploring the surface of clay with textures, and diverse vessel forms.

Luxuriously tactile, reminiscent of corals and moonscapes, these forms inhabit a realm somewhere over the Mediterranean Sea. Hovering between unknown aquatic depths and the gravitational pull of the moon of Atlantis, tidal shifts and lunar worship serve as an inspiration for these ceremonial forms. 

Alongside her ceramic work, Tegan is an archivist and contemporary art collection specialist.   

Jörg Hugo

Hugo’s work focuses on the relationship between materiality, form and space. He develops  research-driven techniques in the field of design and architecture by digital and analogue design methods  and production techniques. 

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Hugo studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen (Department of Architecture) and the  University for Applied Arts (Masterclass Zaha Hadid), receiving his diploma in 2004 with distinction. 

Studio Jörg Hugo is an internationally recognised design practice with awards such as a.o. the Red Dot  Award, the Asian Design Prize, the Iconic Awards.  

Helka Ceramics

Helka ceramics is a small independant ceramic label founded by Lisa Kosak.

The shapes and colours of her pieces are inspired by the simplicity of nature and embrace the slowness of clay.Together with Marilyne Blais, she founded and co-runs Studio Argile, a ceramic & design Studio based in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin. 

IAAI studio

IAAI/Ia Kutateladza is a Georgian multidisciplinary designer based in Berlin. The production is done by her in the studio, where different mediums of design and craft are merged together with experimentation, playfulness and fascination for diverse materials. “To me, design is a palette of boundless imagination, intuitive approach, aesthetic sense and adventurousness expressed through forms. Design excellently transforms everyday life into a joyful process of invention. My designs are playful objects of affection, which are results of slight and uncomplicated impressions, observations or interpretations.Sheer simplicity and attention to details, integrated with profound understanding of the surroundings, the past and the future, are at the core of my designs.I would like my designs to be more than functional objects, to have the power to magically interact with people.” 

Veronika Janovec

Veronika’s work revolves somewhere around the idea, that it is the objects that make the room. 

Trained as an architect, she refers to her practice purely as ‘making’ and her incentive as to ‘make beauty’. 

While clay remains her primary medium, a second body of work is developing in hemplime, a carbon negative building material combining hemp hurds with lime binder. 

Veronika studied architecture at Architectural Association in London and currently at Universität der Künste in Berlin.  

Nahk Studio

Adele Howsen of Nahk studio is a designer engaged in working with clay bringing together clean modern forms with a growing body of playful glazes. Combining wheel throwing with an intuitive approach to hand building techniques everyday functional wares are reworked with a sculptural twist.

Born in the UK where she gained her BA in Textile design, she then moved to Berlin in 2014 and began working in Ceramics 4 years later. 

Latika Nehra

Latika Nehra is a ceramic artist whose work explores the material’s properties. Through the modelling of bodily gestures and natural textures, she intends to make her objects personable. Born in Jaipur, India, she has studied Visual Communication at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and holds a degree (M.A.) in Integrated Design from the Anhalt University, Dessau, Germany. 

Although her artistic inquiry begins with the self, it is the comprehensive understanding of form and design theory that informs the expression.

Marie-Annick Le Blanc

“I stumbled upon clay by chance in 2008 and my life was forever changed. My fortuitous encounter with clay and especially Raku was crucial for the change of direction. It soon became clear to me that I had found what I had been looking for.”

Subsequently, she completed an intensive two-year training with artist  Mylène Peyreton at Centre Argile, Autrey-lès-Gray (France), as well as workshops with ceramicists Marc  Uzan (FR), Nani Champy (FR), Karin Stegmaier (D), Imke Splittgerber (D), Sangwoo Kim (KR).  Since 2014 she has been working in her own studio in South-Brandenburg, next to Berlin, Germany.  

Marie-Annick Le Blanc was nominated for the Hessisches Staatspreis 2018.

Hanna Malinen

Hanna Malinen is Finnish product designer (BA), graphic designer (BA) and  illustrator based in Berlin. She dived into ceramics when living in Helsinki 2015  and her passion has grown ever since. After moving to Berlin 2019 she has focused  on clay practice regularly exploring with materials, techniques and shapes. Hanna  creates oddly beautiful but functional objects with a minimal and timeless approach. 

Moïo Studio

With a focus on sculptural vessels and an interest in expressive surfaces, the projects come together as a result of Moïo Studio’s ongoing glaze and clay materials research. This informs a desire for certain forms and techniques inspired by architecture, raw materials, and celebrating mundane, utilitarian or overlooked details. 

The studio is the Berlin-based ceramic art studio of French-Palestinian artist Maia Beyrouti. It was created in 2016 as a result of the desire to develop a body of work investigating the role of objects that bridge art, craft, and design.

Maia moved to London as a teen in the 1990s, where she studied at Chelsea, Camberwell College of Arts and Crafts, and LCC. She is now based in Berlin, Germany since 2009. 

Wendy Taylor

Wendy Taylor’s practice moves between hand-building and wheel throwing, exploring texture, tone and form. Her work is sculptural as well as functional, seeking balance between the architectonics of material and tactile intimacy. Her slab works are influenced by the built environment, particularly the geometric forms of mid century modernism in Berlin.
Originally from the UK, she has lived in Berlin since the 2000s. She holds a BA in Fine Art.

Violaine Toth

Violaine Toth is a Queer french ceramic artist and teacher. Mainly working with dark toned clays, they find inspiration in the curvy forms of Nature and the elements of the cosmos.

They graduated from a Master’s degree in Product Design in France (2017) and are currently living and working in Berlin (Studio at Treptowerstr.12) where they create their own ceramic collections for private customers, local shops and Queer labels. 

Babette Wiezorek

Babette Wiezorek is a product designer (MA) and art historian (MA) researching at the intersection of materials, technologies and the processes that connect them. 

Following a holistic approach, her studio, Additive Addicted, develops and conceptualizes poetic yet functional and customizable objects that are produced locally in their Berlin based studio. Making a benefit out of the constraints of the layer-by-layer material addition within 3d-printing, Additive Addicted has developed porcelains with highly filigree and

complex structures celebrating a new aesthetic symbiosis of technology and material. 

Yellow Nose Studio

Yellow Nose is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2017 by Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung—a Taiwanese duo with  backgrounds in architecture. The pair are constantly on a quest to find the perfect balance within space through  handmade objects. Following a desire to create using raw materials in unforeseen ways, they craft with the organic to  present items that are usually inorganic, display their logic through emotional processes, and ultimately propel their  craft forward through waves of industrial design. Yellow Nose Studio endeavours to represent slow living through  living tools for savouring the spaces we live in and walk through from day to day. 


Zuzana Svatik

“I graduated from AFAD in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2018. I work primarily with the media of ceramics, drawing and painting. 

I am concerned with the problematics of gender equality, searching for one’s own identity, gender stereotypes and prejudices of Eastern Europe, “masculine” and “feminine” nature of people, expectations of dominance and submission.  My work connects these contrasts and analyzes the pressure, seething, tension, ambiguity, and subsequent liberation of the object, its narrative and its archetypal nature. I believe that a vase can emphasize the potential of applied arts and ceramics as an opinion-shaping medium in the formation of society’s democratic values. 

It is also a metaphor for the stereotypical view of women as homemakers, vain decorators and housewives. It reflects my impressions of society, people, personal identity, popular culture, social constructs, naming of the acceptable and unacceptable, good and bad.”

About the venue

Wishbone Studio

Wishbone Studio is a design and event planning agency with a new home in the vibrant Körnerkiez. Founded by Maggie in 2016, Wishbone creates visual stories using mixed media focusing on unexpected elements of the natural world paired with hand tailored objets d’ art to create an aesthetic between the timeless and contemporary. Taking on collaborations with brands or their own studio initiated projects, they bring color and creativity, transforming spaces and elevating an event to an experience. 

“We create visual stories using mixed media focusing on unexpected elements of the natural world paired with hand tailored objets d’ art to create an aesthetic between the timeless and contemporary. We work closely with our clients to transform spaces and elevate an event to an experience.”