Wishbone Studio
Jonasstrasse 24
12053 Berlin Neukölln, Germany 

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19 June – 4 July 2021
Wednesdays to Sundays 2-7pm

This June, 19 emerging artists and makers come together for an exhibition around the theme of the vessel, to reignite community and visibility for the vibrant contemporary crafts scene in Berlin. 

Vessels: New Berlin Crafts is an upcoming exhibition showing the work of 19 contemporary artists and designers living in Berlin, who are working with crafts around the theme of the vessel. It will showcase a diverse range of in-depth craftsmanship, including ceramics, 3D printing, mould making, resin casting to form vessels.

Participants list
Craig Barrow
James Beatham
Jeremy Bellina
Marilyne Blais
Tegan Emerson
Jörg Hugo
Helka Ceramics
IAAI studio
Veronika Janovec
Nahk Studio
Latika Nehra
Marie-Annick Le Blanc
Hanna Malinen
Moïo Studio
Wendy Taylor
Violaine Toth
Babette Wiezorek
Yellow Nose Studio
Zuzana Svatik

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The ongoing cancellation of events and inability to meet due to the global pandemic has left artists and makers feeling a real loss of community. Vessels: New Berlin Crafts creates visibility and caters to the need for a platform showcasing work in Berlin at the conjunction of arts, crafts and design. 

In comparison to other major cities in Europe, the local contemporary art and sculpture on show rarely crosses over into the realm of artisan-focused crafts traditions, yet so many makers emerging in the last five years are very clearly at the crossroads of these disciplines. 

Vessels: New Berlin Crafts addresses the need to showcase work that embraces craft as a method and as an approach to sculptural and expressive forms, where the function of the piece is not of central importance – with these three aspects; the craft, the design and the art object being equals to each other, or at least in a highly dynamic relationship to one another. 

When function is only part of the essence of a vessel, it is left to be read as an object that is symbolically much more than that; holding something beyond itself, not only in the spirit of the maker but also in what it offers to hold for the viewer. 

Vessels: New Berlin Crafts is an initiative from artists Maïa Beyrouti, Tegan Emerson, Lisa Kosak, Marilyne Blais, and event designer Maggie Stenman



19 June – 4 July 2021
Wishbone Studio, Jonasstrasse 24, 12053 Berlin Neukölln, Germany 

Download press pack and hi-res images